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*Looking for a Decathlon Product that is not currently offered at Decathlon Sports Bangladesh? Follow this guide to place a pre-order and have your desired products brought in just for you!!!

STEP 1 Fill Up the form below with your Name, Email & Phone Number
STEP 2 Go to the Decathlon India Website and find your desired product.
STEP 3 Copy the link for that product and paste it in the URL section of the FORM below. If you are interested in ordering multiple products, paste the link for each product separated by commas.
STEP 4 Write down extra details such as Size & Quantity in the Comments field and click SUBMIT.
STEP 5 One of our Team Mates will contact you with the AVAILABILITY, ESTIMATED DATE OF DELIVERY & PRICE of the product.
STEP 6 If the product is available, and If you agree with the price and the delivery time, confirm you order via email. You will be asked to make an advanced non-refundable payment of 10% of the product price.
STEP 7 Once the product is ready for delivery, pay the remaining 90% and collect your product.


Can I order products from other countries apart from India? No, as our sourcing happens from India so we can only offer you products which are available in India.
Why is the price higher than the in India? This is linked with sourcing, transportation, customs duty structure and many other external factors. For example: the same shoe which is produced in an EPZ factory in Bangladesh gets zero percent duty benefit when it is exported to India due to SAFTA agreement, but to bring it to local market we need to pay 138% customs duty. Secondly, as we have only one store in Bangladesh, we can't source directly from other countries as we will not have economies of scale. So we have to pay double transportation for all our products (country of origin > India > Bangladesh). Many of such cost factors are not comparable with India which makes it difficult for us to offer price close to Indian price. And that's the reason why these products are not a part of our regular offer.
Why does it take so long to get my pre-ordered product? As we place only one order per month, so your order will be merged with this order. Also our replenishment happens from our warehouse in South of India, so the transportation lead time itself is longer. Lastly the customs clearance itself takes about 15-20 days as the number of items in our shipment is higher.
Why do I have to pay a 10% deposit? As your pre-ordered product is not a part of our regular offer and we will bring them exclusively for you, so this is a commitment of purchase. This is in line with the Digital Commerce Standard Operating Procedure 2021 published by Ministry of Commerce. Your deposit will be refunded if we are not able to fulfill your order.
Do I get warranty with my pre-ordered product? Yes, you will receive standard Decathlon warranty on your pre-ordered product. To understand the details of warranty of any product, please refer to our Warranty Policy or get in touch with us over mail ( or call (+880 1313-084550).
What happens if I do not want to purchase the product that I have pre-ordered? As your pre-ordered product is not a part of our regular offer and we will bring them exclusively for you, so we request you to only order them if you are 100% sure about purchasing them. If you decide to not purchase the product after they reach Bangladesh, your deposit will be non-refundable.
How do I get my product after it has arrived? You can pick up your product from out Lab Store in Uttara or you can purchase it online and get home delivery. If you wish to purchase online, please get in touch with us so we can make the product available for you and share the link with you.