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Delivery Policy

With due respect to some other E-Commerce Platforms, we see shipping as an additional service and hence do not bundle the cost of the same with the price of our products to offer ‘FREE’ or cheap shipping rates. We are charged by our transporters (Aramex & eCourier) to ship your orders to you and we try to charge you as close as possible to the amount we are being charged. We do not make any money on the shipping charges.
The cost of the delivery depends on the size and weight of your order and the carrier used. The delivery price will be indicated on your basket page. Standard home delivery starts from 69 BDT for smaller goods inside Dhaka and increases according to weight, volume and location. Small packages start from BDT 199 for shipping outside Dhaka.

Please find below the delivery charges for your products based on the weight and volume:

Weight in KG Delivery Charge Dhaka (BDT) Delivery Charge Outside Dhaka (BDT)
0 - 1 Kg 69 TK 199 TK
1.01 - 4 Kg 149 TK 249 TK
4.01 - 10.5 Kg 399 TK 499 TK
10.5 Kg+ 699 TK 799 TK

Currently we deliver our products only inside Dhaka city within 2-4 days and within 5-7 days to Chattogram city and Gazipur city.

Shipping outside of Dhaka can take up to 07 days.